Thursday, September 26, 2013

13-14 Postsecondary Transition Plans for Returning Students

FYI from Brenda Swoboda - PTP Coordinator  

Most of our student's Postsecondary Transition Plans were created in the 2012-13 school year. Last year to begin this process, you clicked the "Create PTP" tab to create a new PTP for each student. If a student's PTP was created and submitted last year (2012-13 school year), there is no need to create a new one using the "Create PTP" tab. Click on the "Revise PTP" to review the update the student's PTP during the annual IEP meeting. 

Click the "Revise PTP" tab, select the school where that student's submitted PTP was created, enter the student's information (enter limited information to initiate your search) or simply click "Search" and a list of students with submitted PTPs will be generated, identify the student you are searching for, click the blue "Annual IEP" link at the right side of the screen, then click "Continue" when prompted to do so and this will bring you to the student's current PTP for you to update and edit. 

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