Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WAMS ID for Postsecondary Transition Planning

WAMS ID for Postsecondary Transition Planning
  • Starting in November we are required to use the online Postsecondary Transition Planning component at each IEP meeting for students who are or will turn 14 years of age.  
  • There is an online training and demo site that we will do as a group at our building special education meetings on October 9 (MAMS) or October 16 (MASH). All staff who would be a case manager for any student who would turn 14 and older should attend one of these two trainings. Other staff who are interested in learning about this process are also invited to attend. 
  • We will also send some staff to a transition training in Chippewa Falls on November 7.  
  • Here is more information about Postsecondary Transition Planning component: http://www.dpi.wi.gov/sped/spp-transition.html
  • To access the online Postsecondary Transition Planning component all special education staff for students over 14 years of age and older will need to create a WAMS ID.  I have attached this link on how to create aWAMS IDhttps://on.wisconsin.gov/WAMS/home. Please go to the link and create a WAMS ID. Maintain that ID for use at IEP meetings starting in November.
  • We will also need a Wisconsin Student Number for each of our students in special education. I have those student numbers to give to you. There will need to be internet access at each IEP meeting to access the online Postsecondary Transition Planning component.

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