Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kids in Mental Health Crisis - 5 Ways to End Teen Suicide

5 Ways to End Teen Suicide

Here is how we are addressing Teen Suicide issues in Medford Area Public Schools and in Taylor County: 

1. Get more help
  • Formation of Taylor County Mental Health Awareness Council
  • Discussion between Medford Schools and Taylor County Human Services on a collaborative School Social Worker
  • Look into telepsychiatry services in our area (Wausau and Marshfield currently have)
  • Expansion of School Based Mental Health Services
  • Discussion with area providers on Day Treatment Services
  • Observed the Wausau Schools and Marathon County Journey Bridges Program
  • Middle School discussion with Aurora Health Services for CCS and Day Treatment options
  • Psychiatrist Dr. Jenna from Marshfield will be giving a presentation in May in Medford at our Taylor County Autism Support Group meeting. 
  • We have students attending Mikan Day Treatment in Marshfield.
  • We have had students attend Marathon County Journey Program in the past
2. More Support, Less Restraint at School
  • Recommendation is more training for teachers to catch and respond to mental illness in students
  • Thanks to a grant from the Taylor County Health Department we will have multiple special education teachers along with student services staff from across the school district attend a Train the Trainer on Suicide Prevention in April 
  • We will hold a Suicide Prevention QPR Training on August 18th conducted by Jen Meyer from Human Services and Michelle Armbrust from Health Department for any school staff or community members who are interested
  • Recommendation is that schools do not suspend for more than 1 day without looking at underlying mental health issues
3. Teach Trauma Induced Care 
  • On August 18th - a team of Wausau School District staff who have given presentations on Trauma Induced Care will be here in Medford from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm to do a presentation for any interested staff or community members
4. Provide Wraparound Care
  • Taylor County Human Services now have Coordinated Service Teams to help with wraparound services
  • The potential addition of a School Social Worker will help bridge services and communication between school and human services. 
  • Increase wraparound services meetings at schools where School Based Mental Health Counselor, Social Worker, IEP case manager, Administration, and Student Services staff join together to update/discuss/plan services for individual student
5. Don't Avoid the Problem
  • Multiple stakeholders from the medical, human services, counseling agencies, school districts, and community members came together to join the Taylor County Mental Health Awareness Council to address these problems
  • Stakeholders are working together to offer up guest speakers and trainings to benefit everyone
  • School Based Mental Health Counseling has been in affect in Medford Schools for the past 5 years
  • Youth Risk Behavior Surveys are administered at MAMS and MASH
  • Taylor County Mental Health Summit - Summer 2016

Any and all are invited to attend: 

Taylor County Mental Health Summit - Summer 2016 open to everyone: 
  • Mental Health Strategies for Special Education Teachers by DPI Consultant John Bemis on June 23rd, 
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder by Steve Sawyer from New Vision Wilderness on July 25th,
  • Trauma Induced Care by Wausau Schools on August 18th in the morning, and Suicide Prevention QPR overview on August 18th in the afternoon. 
For more information on the Taylor County Mental Health Awareness Council or Mental Health Services here in the Medford Area Public School District - please contact me. 

Joseph A. Greget
Director of Student Services/Special Education for Medford Area Public Schools
Chairperson for the Taylor County Mental Health Awareness Council
715-748-2316 ext 324

Kids in Mental Health Crisis - Links to a Groundbreak Series

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