Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading for Blind and Dyslexic (Learning Ally) Membership

Students are eligible for RFBD (now called Learning Ally) services if identified with a print disability like Dyslexia.  This diagnoses can come from a clinic or school.  Contact me for more information. The website is:

IDEA MOE Update – New OSEP Guidance – from DPI

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires a local educational agency (LEA) to expend from local and state funds at least as much in the current year as it expended in the preceding year, except as provided.  This provision is known as the maintenance of effort (MOE) requirement. When an LEA fails to maintain its level of local expenditures for special education, the State of Wisconsin must pay the U.S. Department of Education from state funds an amount equal to the LEA’s shortfall in local fiscal effort.  The LEA, in turn, reimburses the State, using funds for which it is not accountable to the federal government.  The IDEA regulations do not address whether in the year following the year in which the LEA failed to meet the MOE requirement, the LEA must expend at least the amount it expended in the last year it met the MOE requirement or the lower amount it expended in the immediate prior fiscal year when it failed the MOE requirement. 

In a June 16, 2011, response to an inquiry from Bill East, Executive Director of the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE), the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education, issued a policy interpretation addressing this issue.  The letter may be viewed at It notes the IDEA does not contain a specific provision addressing this circumstance and states “…the Department must rely on the plain language of the statute and regulation…which provide that an LEA may not reduce its level of expenditures…below the level of those expenditures for the preceding fiscal year.”  The letter continues, “It [the LEA] is not obligated to expend at least the amount it expended in the last fiscal year for which it met the maintenance of effort requirement. In other words, each year’s LEA maintenance of effort obligation is based on the amount expended in the immediate prior fiscal year.” 

An LEA that fails to meet the MOE requirement is only required to expend from local and state funds the amount it expended in the immediate prior fiscal year. The DPI will apply this standard for FY 2011. For example, if an LEA expended $650,000 from local and state funds in FY 2009 and only $600,000 in FY 2010, it failed the MOE requirement by $50,000. Consistent with the OSEP policy interpretation, the LEA was required to expend at least $600,000 in FY 2011, not the $650,000 the LEA expended when it last met the MOE requirement in FY 2009. 

Please note an LEA must budget at least as much local and state funds for special education, either in total or per capita, as it expended in the most recent fiscal year.  Therefore, in order to be eligible to receive IDEA grants in FY 2012, an LEA must budget at least the amount of local and state funds it expended in FY 2011.  An LEA that does not meet this requirement will not be eligible for IDEA grants in FY 2012

If you have questions about this letter, you may contact Lori Ames, Fiscal Monitoring Consultant, at (608) 267-3749 or, or Rachel Zellmer at (608) 266-1787 or

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Positions

I would like to recognize and thank Sheila Hollatz and Ashlee Quilling for being two of our finest teachers in the Medford Area Public School District.  They have each provided our pre-kindergarten students, families, and program with quality and excellence.  In so many ways our pre-kindergarten is better because they have taught here in our school district. 

Sheila and Ashlee have both resigned from their positions to teach Kindergarten in the Marshfield and Boyceville School Districts respectively.  These are both closer to their homes and families.  Those school districts are getting two excellent teachers and quality people for their students and families.  I wish them nothing but the best in their new positions.  Please offer them your congratulations and a thank you.  

We will be interviewing candidates for those positions on Wednesday June 29 and hope to offer 2 candidates a position by end of the week.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy: A Resource and Planning Guide

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy: A Resource and Planning Guide
This has been posted to the website at This publication will help school staff and parents understand the key roles OTs and PTs play in the lives of children who need their services to benefit from their education. Their work supports our shared goal that every child will graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the workforce and/or higher education.

Transfer of Service

The Transfer of Service Exemption (WI Statute 121.91(4)(a) provides that a school district which assumes responsibility for a program or service from another governmental unit may request and be granted an exemption to the district revenue limit equal to the increased cost due to that program or service. If the service transferred is a student that requires Special Education or ESL services, the exemption will be reduced by the amount of categorical aid the district will receive the following year, as determined by DPI. If the previous governmental unit was another Wisconsin school district, that district's revenue limit may be reduced by an amount equal to their reduction in cost as a result of that transfer out.

I anticipate requesting Transfer of Service Exemption for 2-3 students.  This will be projected revenue savings of $20,000.

Nova Net Curriculum

We will be moving to the web based version of Nova Net for the 11-12 school year.  This will be a savings of $5,300 for 11-12 and $8,300 in each future year based on prior budgeted amounts.  The cost for 11-12 is $749 per license.  Nova Net is our primarily curriculum used at our Alternative High School with individual slots also available at MASH depending on IEP needs of students with disabilities.

Wilson Trainings

Medford staff will be able to attend these trainings:

Wilson Just Words Training
Location: Eagle River
Dates: September 14 and 15

Wilson Reading Training
Location: Brookfield
Dates: September 15 and 16

Wilson Fundations Level 3
Location: Eagle River
Dates: September 13

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taylor County Interagency Communications Committee: Alcohol and Drug Abuse

We have received a request to hold a Taylor County Interagency Communications Committee meeting that focuses on the issues related to Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Taylor County. 

Our tentative agenda items would include:
1. Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results - Taylor County Health Department
2. Drug Statistics and Prevalence Data - Law Enforcement
3. Resources Available - District Attorney
4. Juvenile Court
Process - Judge Knox Bauer
5. Schools Role in Preventing Drug Abuse and Consequences - Medford, Rib Lake, and Gilman Schools
6. Human Services Role in Drug Counseling and Supervision of Youth - Human Services Representative

Our Interagency Communications Committee meeting would be scheduled for August with specific date to be determined.  Please note the tentative agenda so you can begin preparations.

Interagency Communications Committee members include Judge Know Bauer, District Attorney Kelz, City and County Police, Police Liaison, Health Department, School Nurse, Guidance Counselors, Administration, Prevention Council, Day Treatment Providers, Parent Resource Center, Human Services, and more

Taylor County Early Childhood Committee minutes from June 3

Taylor County Early Childhood Committee
June 3, 2011
Meeting Minutes

Present:  Joseph Greget, Amber Fettes, Sheryl Balciar/Medford Area School District, Patty Krug/Taylor County Health Department, Laura Holmes/Birth to 3 Program, Carol Jahsman/Holy Rosary School, Michelle Wurzer/HeadStart and Mikki Krueger/Child Care Connection.   


1.  Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Joseph Greget.

2.  W2:  Report provided by Laura Holmes. 

3.  Birth to Three Report:  Provided by Laura Holmes.  She reported since January they have
     25 children enrolled in the program, 3 are currently in process of evaluation and 1 new
     referral.  She provided the number of children who would enter school next year. 
4. Head Start Overview and Outcomes Report:  Michelle provided a powerpoint presentation
    related to their health services and the 2009-2010 Annual Report. 

5. Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards Book 2011:  Joseph provided the committee
    with the new book and discussed ensued in reference to some of the changes in the book. 

6.  Families Being Involved Workshops Review:  Joseph provided an update from the past year
     events held and attendance. 

7.  B-6 Child Outcomes Reporting Updates:  The committee discussed the new requirements
    for documenting yearly.  Handouts were provided. 

8.  Round Table Discussion: 

Ø      Medford Area School District- Staff provided an update on classroom activities, speech and language continue to receive referrals.  Discussion was held on possibly moving Child Development Days to the fall or possibly Feb or early March so evaluations could be completed before end of the year.

Ø      Taylor County Health Department:  Patty provided information related to Maternal Child Health Life Course Model and the requirements for identifying strengths and gaps in services for our county, Passport to Taylor County summer promotion and Farmers Market for Gilman and Rib Lake.   

Ø      Child Care Connection:  Mikki discussed agencies can still apply for the YoungStar program, review of the various Wage and Benefit Surveys for child care centers and looking for a representative from Taylor County for their board. 

Ø      Holy Rosary Schools:  Carol reported on the changes of teaching staff for them, expanding playground and funding for this project and foreign language offerings. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm

Next Meeting Date:

To be determined

RTI for Speech Language

For the past few years we have been discussing and working on our RTI for Speech Language model.  We will continue to further discuss and plan to implement our RTI for Speech Language especially at the early intervention levels of Pre-K and K levels in 11-12.  This would include:
1. Universal Screening
2. Develop list of strategies and evidence based practice for staff to implement
3. Progress Monitoring
4. Schedule time in 11-12 for SLPs to train and consult with RTI for Speech interventionists – Kari, Nancy, Tammy, and/or Marla
5. Schedule time for paraprofessionals or teacher to deliver service
6. Schedule and increase amount of time for speech language and/or ECSE teacher to team teach with Pre-K or Kind teachers or participate in station times in regular education environment
7. Schedule in consultation time between SLP and Pre-K teachers
8. Continue use of iPads with students as part of early intervening services at private schools and regular education environments
9.  Find RTI for speech interventionist at SES
10. Emphasize early intervening services to help provide students with support earlier, but also reduce caseloads of therapists in future
11. Continue with summer school speech language group
12. Develop RTI – Artic Lab – Earobics and other activities through CLC
13. Have Earobics on a computer in each Pre-K, K and Grade 1 levels

Dyslexia – Just the Facts Sheets

Great Resources - International Dyslexia Association Fact Sheets on Dyslexia and Related Language Based Learning Difference:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Parental consent to bill Medicaid - additional guidance

This document provides answers to three questions regarding parental consent to bill Medicaid.  It addresses standardized language and duration of consent. These should increase LEA flexibility and efficiency in administering Medicaid School-Based Services. Further review will be done on how to adopt here in our school district

Kindergarten Entrance

A question came up this week about the entrance age for Kindergarten as of the 11-12 school year due to change in state law.  ACT 41 does not require parents to enroll their 5 year old child in a 5 year old Kindergarten class. There was no change made in the law that provides for compulsory school attendance beginning at age 6

Act 41 does prohibit a school board from enrolling a child in first grade unless the child has completed 5 year old Kindergarten or has received an exemption. For more information please contact me or visit:

Special Education Initiatives for 11-12

Here are some special education initiatives that are tentatively planned for 11-12:
RTI for LD identification
Mental Health Counseling in the Schools
Autism Resource Team
MAMS Special Education Classroom Remodel
Reading Assistant Program at MASH
Wilson Reading Level II Certification
Math Curriculum Alignment at MAES
Vmath Live at MAMS
Vmath and Saxon Math Curriculum Options at MAMS
Spelling Mastery Curriculum
Health Assistant at MAMS
Just Words at MASH and MAMS
Second Step Violence Prevention at elementary
Tier II PBIS instruction increase
Smart Table use in Early Education

Private School Proportionate Share of Special Education

Under the IDEA 2004, school districts are responsible for setting aside a portion of their IDEA Part B allocations to provide special education instruction and related services to students who are placed in private schools by their parents.  There is an equitable services set-aside formula that is used.  I project these as the costing of special education services in private schools:
Holy Rosary - $13,302
Immanuel Lutheran - $1,478

Special education funds for private schools could be the special education staffing costs like speech language at Holy Rosary site, curriculum, training, professional development or other.  I will meet with representatives from the private schools on Monday June 20 to discuss these services.  Laura Lundy is also meeting with them to discuss ESEA services. 

Health Assistant at MAMS

The Health Assistant position at MAMS will be recommended to the Board of Education for approval at the June Board meeting.  We would reduce 1 special education paraprofessional position at MAMS and in that place reclassify the position as Health Assistant.  Sam Henrichs will be recommended for the position.  

Preschool Entitlement Funds

Estimated Preschool Entitlement Funds for 11-12 are $23,864. This is an increase of $273 from 10-11.  There is no carryover of funds from 10-11 to 11-12. We are able to carryover up to 25% of special education funds each year.

Flow Through Special Education Funds

Estimated Flow Through Special Education Funds for 11-12 are $427,327.  This is an increase of $924 from 10-11.  There is no carryover of funds from 10-11 to 11-12 due to purchase of special education bus in 10-11.  We are able to carryover up to 25% of special education funds each year. 

$200,677 will be used for Hearing Impaired, Audiology, Supplies, Program Needs, Professional Development, Technology, Curriculum, Equipment, Consultation, Conferences, Building Modification, Progress Monitoring, Evidence Based Programs, Assistive Technology, Very Special Arts, and other related items. The $200,677 used for these items is a budget decrease of $51,643 from 10-11.

$226,650 will be used toward Coordinated Early Intervening Services and Special Education Staff Salary and Benefits for 11-12. 

Prayers and Sympathy for Jeff and Tammy Lange

Prayers and sympathy to Jeff Lange our Medford Board of Education President and his wife Tammy Lange our special education assistant. Jeff's mother (Edith) passed away. Funeral arrangements have been made for Saturday with visitation at 9:00 a.m. and funeral at 11:00 a.m. at the United Methodist Church at 287 E. Allman, Medford

Monday, June 13, 2011

Speech Language RTI

Time will be allocated for more speech language RTI activities during the 11-12 school year.  This will involve SLP Ann Jochimsen utilizing Marla Hemke and/or Tammy Damm with her Kindergarten to Grade 4 students.  SLP Sheryl Balciar will use Kari Dahlby and/or Nancy Higgins with her Pre-K and Kind.  We are still looking for someone at SES to help SLP Eliza Decker.

Reading Assistant Program Update

We are looking into using special education funds to help place a Reading Assistant license at Holy Rosary for 11-12.  We have to use a portion of our special education funds at parochial schools.  This will allow for special education and RTI students to benefit.

We will have full site license for Reading Assistant Program at MAES for 11-12.  This will allow all regular and special education students to have access to this fluency, reading, and comprehension based program.

Reading Assistant will be placed on one computer at MASH for student use in 11-12.

Reading Assistant will be placed on multiple computers at SES for 11-12.

Wilson Reading Just Words

I have calls into Wilson about doing a Just Words training here in Medford. We will be expanding this program at MAMS and MASH for 11-12.  We started to use at Alternative HS in 11-12.

Wilson Reading Level II Certification

We have five staff scheduled to continue their 30 month Wilson Reading Level II Certification student teaching (individual and group practicum) and online class participation during the 11-12 school year.  Recognition to those staff who are furthering their professional development, helping students learn to read, and implementing the program with further fidelity.  Kathleen Schumacher, Misty Galli, Joyce Woletz, Ann Jochimsen, and Kris Brandner are participating in this Certification.

Special Education Student Teaching Practicums

We have three staff members who are projected to do their student teaching practicum for special education teaching licensure in 11-12.  Ryan Brown, Cathy Venzke, and Kellie Keene are scheduled to do their student teaching. 

Wilson Reading Training

We can have staff attend the Wilson Reading Training in Brookfield on September 15 and 16 at no cost.  This will allow additional staff to be trained in Wilson Reading.  If interested, please let me know.  There will be staff asked to attend.  Ryan Brown, Kellie Keene, Kathie Shaw, Natasha Daniels, and Cathy Venzke are scheduled to attend at this point.

FM Sound Systems at MAES and SES

Mr. Miller and I are discussing adding the following sound systems at MAES and SES to help students with hearing delays or loss: purchase of 6 new sound systems out of the special ed fund for the following classrooms:  MAES 2-kind, 1-1st, 1-2nd, 1-3rd;  SES 1-3rd.

Coordinated Early Intervening Services in Medford

We will be using a portion of our 2011-12 Special Education Flow Through Budget for Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS).  This allows us to use special education funds to help fund regular education staff or programs designed to remediate students at risk through RTI processes in academics and behaviors.  We can then keep licensed special education staff in general education budget allowing us to claim categorical aid on their positions creating additional revenue for our district.

MAES Special Education Certified Staffing Alignment for 11-12

We may have some changes to our projected MAES special education staffing alignment for certified and support staff.  This is due to transfer of new students, increased responsibilities of special education staff with regular education initiatives, curriculum implementation, individual student needs, and allowing staff the best opportunity to utilize their skills in order to meet the needs of individual students and programs.

Sign Language Interpreter for Medford Schools

Meghan Jansen has been offered and accepted the position of Sign Language Interpreter for the 11-12 school year.  She will be recommended to the Board of Education for their official approval at the June Board meeting.  Meghan has 6 years of experience in the field of sign language having previously worked for the Rosholt School District.  Current Sign Language Interpreter Mikayla Hatfield will be available to sub for Meghan during 11-12.

School to Work Coordinator Position

Mary Houle has resigned effective end of August.  She has spent the past 20 years as our School to Work Coordinator.  For any support staff interested: “once (position) has been posted they can submit their interest in a letter.”

PBIS Leadership Conference

The 2011 PBIS Leadership Conference will be held August 16 & 17 at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. This year's conference is intended for school PBIS leadership team members who have already been trained at the Universal/Tier 1 level. Conference attendees will gain knowledge to enhance PBIS implementation. Leadership teams will also have the opportunity to hear implementation examples from other Wisconsin schools.

For more information on the conference, breakout strands, presenters, and to register, visit the

Medford Area Public School District will be sending Dan Miller - MAES Principal, Don Everhard - SES Principal, Richelle Woller - Special Education Teacher/Internal PBIS Coach, Sue Eloranta - Guidance Counselor/Internal PBIS Coach, and Joseph Greget - Director of Student Services/Special Education


Medford Area Public School District has made Adequate Yearly Progress in all areas.  The direct link is located at:

From DPI:
With an increase in proficiency targets for reading and mathematics, more schools and districts have received preliminary notification that they missed one or more adequate yearly progress (AYP) objectives or have been identified for improvement as part of the Department of Public Instruction's annual review of school progress required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Identified for Improvement - 89 Schools, 3 Districts

Missed AYP - 228 Schools, 6 Districts

The complete news release available on the Department of Public Instruction newsroom website

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well Wishes

Congratulations to our retiring employees and those who are seeking other opportunities. Thank you for all that you have provided our students, parents, peers, and district. We were so fortunate to have had you.

Karen Lach
Oralee Dittrich
Karen Baka
Ashlee Quilling
Mary Houle
Cathy Peissig
John Thurmeier
Michelle Danen
Adam Stead
Bridget Engebose

Monday, June 6, 2011

Certified Staffing Alignment at MAMS for 11-12

Grade 5 = Julie Kakes
Grade 6 = Ryan Brown and Rebecca Gauthier
Grade 7 = Carol Wieman
Grade 8 = Jill Chasteen
Grade 7 and 8 = Sue Laher
Grade 5 to 8 = Jan Farmer

We will maintain Rebecca and Carol at their respective 10-11 teaching assignments due to not many high need students transferring between 6th and 7th grades for 11-12.  Ryan will transfer with 5th grade up to 6th grade to help with that transition of students.  Sue teaching at Grades 7 and 8 allows for options of sections and teaching in addition to the grade level teachers of Carol and Jill. Brenda Ann McNary will teach 3 sections per day of middle school students to help with their transition to MASH in 12-13. Support staff will also be realigned to help with the transition of individual students.

NTC Contract for HSED Services

Cindy Gibson and I met with NTC representatives Laurie Borowicz and Dan Nowak on Wednesday.  We received their contract of $3,000 to continue with our HSED program through NTC.  This collaboration with NTC and shared staffing allows the school district to continue to save approximately $30,000 each year since Cindy can teach both HSED and our Alternative Education Programs.

Middle School Health Assistant

We are still looking at adding a Health Assistant position at MAMS for the 11-12 school year.  This would be an extension of our school health services for all students especially those at the middle school level.  This position would work under the direction of our School Nurse Jill Koenig and Administration.  Due to the amount and level of severity of multiple health issues at MAMS and across the district, this type of position would allow us to offer increased services for all students

Second Step Lessons in 11-12

We should plan on scheduling second step lessons 1x a week for all special education students in
Grades PK
to 4 for the 11-12 school year.  Our scheduling of Second Step will provide our students with disabilities additional social, emotional, and behavioral instruction that is needed for them. 

We have one kit of the updated Second Step Curriculum (color) that is available. If you would like to order this for your program in 11-12, please review the kit in Misty Galli’s classroom. 

5th Grade Teacher Note

You know you touch the lives of students when your student makes you cupcakes with Miss Sam, he brings you flowers from him and his family, and gives you a hug saying he loves you.  What a beautiful day. . .I now have tears in my eyes, just wanted to share this wonderful moment and thank you for 5th grade and for putting the special ed kids in my classes.

Voyager Math Live

We will have a site subscription to Voyager Math Live for all students at MAMS for the 11-12 school year.  This would allow special education and non-special education students to participate in Vmath Live at home or school.  This will be open for any students after August 1st.  For more information on Vmath Live you can go to I will need to register the child prior to using this program. 

End of Year Recognition

Our End of the Year Recognition for Special Education and Student Services will be held tomorrow Tuesday at 4:00 pm at Florenas.  This is our recognition for all our special education, reading, student services, early education, general education, and community members who helped provide support for our students with disabilities.  Some appetizers will be on me along with drinks on your own. 

High School Special Education Teachers

Administration will be recommending to the Board of Education that they approve the hiring of Beth van der Berg and Paul Boettcher for the vacant high school special education teaching positions.  They each have multiple licensures which will allow us the opportunity to continue to provide our students with disabilities flexibility in services, programming, and course offerings.  Their experiences will also help provide us with more options for students with disabilities.

We were very fortunate to have many exceptional candidates apply for our positions.  I wish that we could have hired all of them.  The decision making process is challenging at times especially when there are so many good applicants.  Several other school districts have contact us looking for applicants for theri vacant special education positions.  Their information will be forwarded onto them.  I have no doubt that the candidates who applied for a position will find employment in another school district or in Medford in the future.  I would like to thank them for applying for a position here to work with our students with disabilities. 

Staffing Alignment in 11-12

Speech Language
Sheryl Balciar – 3 year olds to 5 year olds at MAES, 2 sections of Kindergarten, itinerant services, and Holy Rosary
Eliza Decker – MAMS, SES, and Immanual Lutheran
Ann Jochimsen – Grade 1 to 4 at MAES, 4 sections of Kindergarten at MAES, and MASH

MAES Special Education
Early Childhood and Pre-K RTI = Amber Fettes
Grade K-1 LD/CDB and Grade K-2 RTI = Marla Hemke
Grade K-1 Autism/EBD/CDS = Natasha Daniels
Grade 2 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 EBD = Misty Galli
Grade 3 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 CDS = Monica De Groot
Grade 3 Cross-Categorical and
Grade PK
-4 PBIS = Richelle Woller
Grade 4 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 Autism Severe = Kathleen Schumacher

MAMS Special Education
Grade 5 = Julie Kakes
Grade 6 = Rebecca Gauthier and Ryan Brown
Grade 7 = Carol Wieman
Grade 8 = Jill Chasteen
Grade 7 and 8 = Sue Laher
Grade 5 to 8 EBD and Autism Consult = Jan Farmer

MASH Special Education
Grade 9 to 12 CDS/Autism = Brenda Ann McNary
Grade 9 = Paul Boettcher
Grade 10 = Beth Van der Berg
Grade 11 = Nicole Gripentrog
Grade 12 = Shari Gajewski
Grade 9 to 12 EBD = Nathan Bluhm

SES Special Education
Grade K to 4 = Kris Brandner

Grandma Readers and iPads

Our Grandma Readers and 7th grade special education students worked together on iPads.  They also ate cookies and received a flower for all their work this year.  Pictures are on our Special Education and Student Services Facebook page.

Special Education Trainings in Summer

Kurzweil = August 2 from 8:00 to 12:00
Dragon Naturally Speaking = August 2 from 12:00 to 4:00
TEACCH training (Autism) = August 4 from 9:00 to 1:00
Boardmaker training = August 4 from 1:00 to 5:00
iPad Curriculum = August 5 from 8:00 to 12:00 at District Office

Alternative Education High School Cookout

Wednesday June 8 from 10:00 to 1:00 at NTC

Special Education Staffing

Based on individual student needs and IEP services, I feel that we continue to be short on special education staffing for the 11-12 school year.  Discussions and recommendations will be made for additional staffing for 11-12.  This was addressed in the Star News article about a month ago after they attended our special education advisory council meeting.

Peanut Free School

We had an IEP meeting today where the IEP team discussed the need for a peanut free school from the child’s doctors at the allergy clinic.  We are awaiting results and official report from the doctor before submitting to our Board of Education Policy Committee.  The three year old child will be starting in school in September.

Wilson Training

Wilson Reading Overview Training will be held on September 15th and 16th from 8:00 to 4:00 pm in the Elmbrook School District.  This overview provides you the training necessary to begin teaching Wilson Reading.  I will be asking some staff who have yet to be trained to attend.

Nova Net

We are looking into switching from our Nova Net per computer license server based program to web based program for the 11-12 school year.  This would allow more flexibility and less computer driven issues to deliver programming.  Nova Net is used primarily at our alternative high school

Medford Adult Diploma Academy Instructor

We will likely need a Medford Adult Diploma Academy Instruction for one night per week from 4:00 to 8:00 pm for anyone interested.  We may also need someone to provide Wilson Reading or Just Words instructions for adults through MADA.  This would be for the 11-12 school year.  Let me know if you are interested.

Standards and Directions for Assessing Procedural Compliance for Special Education

The revised Standards and Directions for Assessing Compliance document used during the Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment for the 2011-12 through 2015-16 school years has been posted at 

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards Third Edition 2011

The WMELS Book for Birth to First Grade has been revised to include the WMELS Alignment with Wisconsin Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics.  I have multiple copies of this available through our preschool planning mini-grant that we received.  If you would like a copy, please let me know.  I plan to forward a copy to each Pre-K, K, Grade 1, and EC-1 special education teacher.