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Postsecondary Transition Plan Tips/Reminders for 13-14

Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP)
Tips/Reminders for Beginning the 13-14 School Year

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has a new discretionary grant called the Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) that is replacing WSTI. TIG Coordinators will be conducting monthly PTP review and follow-up with your district. For a list of TIG staff, please see:

PTP Director/Designee Role:

*      MOVE STUDENT:  from one school to another within your district:  Currently the PTP does not automatically transfer PTPs from one school to another. Remember as a new school year starts to use the “Move Student” tab within the PTP. For example, all students transitioning from the middle school to the high school will need to be moved.  Only a PTP user with the Director access role can complete this action.  To complete this process,
·         Click on the “Move Student” tab, enter the student’s information (minimal information to begin your search), identify the student you wish to move, then click on the blue “change school” prompt, select the school you wish to move them to, and the PTP application will confirm the move.
* This process will need to be completed individually for each student attending a new school.
If you have special education staff that have resigned from your district, you will need to revoke their access to the PTP.  Your PTP Application Administrator can follow the step-by-step directions on the Indicator 13 webpage: to complete this in ASM (Application Security Manager).
If you have new special education staff joining your district or switching schools, you will need to grant the new staff access to the PTP or change access to schools depending on the situation.   Your PTP Application Administrator can follow the step-by-step directions on granting PTP access: in ASM (Application Security Manager).
  DELETE a DUPLICATE PTP:  The ability to delete a PTP record is limited to PTP users with the Director/Designee access role.  Only PTP records that have not been locked or submitted can be deleted.  Only PTPs created in error or duplication should be deleted. A PTP can be deleted in two ways:  
·         Click on the “Finish PTP” tab, select the school in which the PTP was created, change the radio button to “Show all records for the school”, find the student PTP record that needs to be deleted, click on “Delete PTP”.  A popup message will ask “Are you sure you want to delete the PTP?”  Click “OK” to confirm deletion of the selected PTP student record.
·         From the PTP completion page, click on “Delete PTP”.  A pop up message will ask “Are you sure you want to delete the PTP?” Click “OK” to confirm deletion of the selected PTP student record.

All PTP Users:

*      Reminder: Student’s transferring from another school district:  The school district the student is transferring from (School District A), must release the student’s WSN number to the receiving ‘School District B’ through WSLS (WI Student Locator System).  The receiving ‘School District B’ will then need to use the “Create PTP” tab for that student as the PTP currently does not automatically transfer from one school district to another.

*      REVISE PTP:  Most of your students’ PTPs were created in the 2012-2013 school year depending on your district’s month of implementation.  Last year to begin this process, you clicked the “Create PTP” tab to create a new PTP for each student.  If a student’s PTP was created and submitted last year (2012-13 school year), there is no need to create a new one using the “Create PTP” tab.  Click on the “Revise PTP” to review and update the student’s PTP during the annual IEP meeting:
·         Click the “Revise PTP” tab, select the school where that student’s submitted PTP was created, enter the student’s information (enter limited information to initiate your search) or simply click “Search” and a list of students with submitted PTPs will be generated, identify the student you are searching for, click the blue “Annual IEP” link at the right side of the screen, then click “Continue” when prompted to do so and this will bring you to the student’s current PTP for you to update and edit.  It’s that easy!

*      Revising a PTP prior to the annual IEP:  There may be a time during the school year that you will need to review/ revise a student’s IEP.  If this revision does not include revision of the postsecondary transition plan, then the PTP does not need to be revised. 

Be cautious when completing the invitation and cover letter for an IEP meeting.  If you check “Transition – the consideration of postsecondary goals and transition services (required for students beginning at age 14)”, you will need to review and revise the PTP during the IEP meeting. Remember to update the meeting date and proceed with the desired changes to the student’s PTP. You will do this by clicking on the “Revise PTP” tab, following the steps mentioned above but selecting the review/revise with a meeting.  If the review/revision to the IEP does not include transition, be sure NOT to check the transition box on the IEP invite. 

*      “WHAT’S NEW WITH THE PTP”:  For ongoing updates, and announcements, visit the “What’s New with the PTP”  webpage throughout the school year.

Wendi Dawson
Transition Consultant
Department of Public Instruction


Nancy Fuhrman
Data Applications
Department of Public Instruction

For more detailed information about the PTP, please visit the DPI Indicator 13 webpage at and view the Training and Technical Assistance section for PTP Users.  This section will provide you with the PTP manual, a PTP guide for parents and students, the PTP demonstration site, frequently asked questions and online training modules.

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