Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summary of Special Education Staff Changes for 13-14

Summary of Special Education Staff Changes for 13-14

The only constant in special education from year to year is change. Change can be hard or exciting, but it also comes with a renewed opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students with special needs and abilities. I hope these new opportunities are rewarding for both the new and veteran staff. 

I would also like to thank our veteran staff for the differences they made for their students in the past. Your work on behalf of our students, parents, programming, and district is truly appreciated and recognized.

Special welcome to our new certified and support staff - we are grateful to have you working with our students with special needs and in our school district.

If you have any questions, then please contact me at this new number and location in 13-14:

Joseph A. Greget
Director of Student Services/Special Education
Work Telephone: 715-748-2316 ext 324 (formerly 715-748-4620 ext 527)
Cell Telephone: 715-560-0171 (call or text message)
MAES Office Space at 1065 West Broadway
Mail should be sent to MAES

1. New School Psychologists

Annie Schindler
Medford Area Elementary School
Stetsonville Area Elementary School
Holy Rosary Private School
Immanuel Lutheran Private School
Birth to Three

Kathy Alexander
Medford Area Middle School
Medford Area Senior High School
Taylor County Alternative High School Partnership
Medford Adult Diploma Academy
Rib Lake Public Schools (Tuesday)

2. New Stetsonville Elementary Special Education Teacher
Candace Burkhardt

3. New MAES Special Education Teacher
Sarah Faude

4. MAES Special Education Teacher Alignment
Kathy Schumacher - Grade 4 CC plus Down support
Misty Galli - Grade 3 CC plus EBD support
Sarah Faude - Grade 2 CC plus Autism support
Tasha Daniels - Grade K-1 CC
Amber Fettes - Early Childhood Special Education

5. New Elementary Special Education Paraprofessionals
Abigail Gregory (morning)
Tamara Pearson (afternoon)
Krissy Bunkelmen (full time)

6. MAES Special Education Paraprofessionals K-4 alignment
Sam Porten - Grades 3 and 4 (Galli)
Teresa Gardner - Grade 2 and 4 (Schumacher)
Kathy Jo Breeze - Grade 1 (Faude)
Krissy Bunkelman - Kindergarten (Mallak)
Tammy Damm - Kindergarten (Mallak)
Abby Gregory - Kindergarten in morning (Mallak)
Tamara Pearson - Kindergarten in afternoon (Mallak)

7. Early Education Paraprofessional Alignment
Jessica Sherfield - Pre-Kindergarten Monday-Thursday and Data/Progress Monitoring/iPad support on Friday
Katie Eitrem - Early Childhood Special Education Monday through Thursday
Cheryl Knoll and Stephanie Hoffman - Pre-Kindergarten (.5 time each)
Nancy Higgins - Pre-Kindergarten

8. New Middle School Special Education Teachers
Kris Brandner - Grade 5 CC and Grades 5-8 Wilson Reading
Oralee Dittrich - Grade 6 CC and Grades 7-8 Read 180

9. Realigned Middle School Special Education Staff
Sue Laher - .5 in Grade 6 and .5 in Grade 7-8

10. Realigned MAMS Special Education Paraprofessional
Brenda Kraegenbrink - Grade 5
Tammy Lange - Grade 6 and 7
Anne Fleegal - Grade 7
Gloria Lindahl - Grade 8
Sam Henrichs - Grade 5/8 and Grade 5-8 Health Assistant

11. New High School Special Education Paraprofessionals
Matt Nordgren
Candy Lindow

12. 18-21 Year Old Program
Nicole Gripentrong - .5 Special Education Teacher
Janet Jurgens - .5 Special Education Paraprofessional

13. Realigned MASH Special Education Staff
Shari Gajewski - Grade 9
Cathy Venzke - Grade 10
Paul Boettcher - Grade 11 and EBD Support
Beth van der Berg - Grade 12
Nicole Gripentrog - 18-21 year old programming and 9-12 support
Brenda Ann McNary - Grade 9-12 Autism/CD support

14. RVA Special Education Staff
New - Leatha Hopperdietzel (teacher)
Returning - Jill Chasteen (teacher) and Jessica Martin (school psychologist)

15. Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
Vacant position as of 8-20-13

16. Special Education Transportation
Matt Nordgren - Van Driver Transportation on Monday through Thursday and Bus Support (Joanie) on Friday
Katie Freudenthal - Bus Support (Joanie) on Monday through Thursday
Sam Henrichs - Bus Support (Barb) M-F in morning
Brenda Kraegenbrink - Bus Support (Barb) M-F in afternoon

17. New Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
Sandra Erickson
Angela Harrell