Friday, August 26, 2011

Staff Appreciation

Thanks to everyone who could attending our Welcome Back gathering for Special Education and Student Services.  We had staff change vacation plans, bring their spouses or children, see old favorites (Pep!), and everyone seemed to have a good time. Thank you to all the staff who were there and those who couldn't come for all you provide our
students.  Medford School District and students are so fortunate to have each of you.

National Career Readiness Certificate

Alternative HS students will complete the National Career Readiness Certificate through ACT.  This will provide them with employability and work skills certification and skills

Sign Language Class

We will be offering staff an opportunity to participate in NTC Sign Language Class through our CLC Adult Education Program.  This will be held for 2 hours a month for 6 months or 2x a month at 2 hours for 3 months. This will be a collaboration between NTC and CLC Adult Education. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MAES Special Education Staffing Alignment for 11-12

Grade 4 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 CDS = Kathy Schumacher

Grade 3 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 Severe Autism = Amy Wagner

Grade 2 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 EBD = Misty Galli

Grade K-1 Cross-Categorical = Tasha Daniels

Grade K-1 Learning Disabilities and K-2 RTI = Marla Hemke

Grade PK-4 PBIS and Grade 2-4 Cross-Categorical = Shelly Woller

Grade K to 4 Speech Language = Ann Jochimsen

Age 3 to Grade K Speech Language = Sheryl Balciar

Early Childhood Special Education = Amber Fettes

Occupational Therapy = Caroline Radlinger
Occupational Therapy Assistant = Kelli Elmhorst

Physical Therapist = Mike Daniels

School Psychologist = Barb Krenz

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PBIS Leadership Conference Handouts

I am in attendance at the PBIS Leadership Conference today and tomorrow. Conference handouts can be found at Thanks to MAES Principal Dan Miller, SES Principal and School Safety Coordinator Don Everhard, PBIS Internal Coach and Sped Teacher Shelly Woller, and PBIS Internal Coach and Guidance Counselor Sue Eloranta for attending.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Special Education Openings in Medford

We have an opening for an elementary special education teaching positio.  Applicants are being accepted until this Friday with interviews scheduled next week.  We have received 2 applicants so far. We hope to hire our middle school sped teacher from this pool of candidates as well.

Rebecca Gauthier

We have received a letter of resignation from our Grade 6 Special Education Teacher Rebecca Gauthier.  Her husband has been hired as a teacher in the Denmark School District and they will be moving to that area.  I anticipate this position will be posted within the week. We wish Rebecca the best in her future. She was an excellent special education teacher for us.

RTI Website in Medford

RTI Website
DPI School Psychologist Consultant Kathryn Bush has indicated that Medford School District has one of the most advanced RTI websites in the State of Wisconsin.  The link is found here:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weyerhauser Grant Foundation

I have applied for a $5,000 Weyerhauser Grant to help support on site training and employability skills development for students with disabilities and those at risk through our Alternative High School program.

Child Development Day for 2012

We will be holding this day earlier then in past years.  Thursday February 23, 2012 will be the date.  This is our annual child development day find and screening.

RTI Website for Medford Recognition

DPI School Psychologist Consultant Kathryn Bush has indicated that Medford School District has one of the most advanced RTI websites in the State of Wisconsin.  The link is found here:

Special Education Trainings for August 2-10

Special Education Trainings       Date                 Time                             Location
Kurzweil                                   August 2           8:00 to 12:00                MASH
Dragon Naturally Speaking       August 2           12:30 to 2:30                MASH
VMath Live                              August 3           9:00 to 11:00                MAMS
PECS                                       August 3           12:00 to 2:00                MAES Media Room
Advanced PECS (for P.A.)      August 3           2:00 to 4:00                  MAES Media Room
TEACCH                                 August 4           9:00 to 1:00                  District Office
Boardmaker                             August 4           1:00 to 5:00                  MAES
iPad Curriculum                        August 5           8:00 to 12:00                District Office
Read Write Gold                      August 10         12:00 to 4:00                MAMS