Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wilson Reading Workshop on Nov 7

Wilson Reading Workshop 
Wednesday November 7 
3:45 to 5:00 pm 
Medford Area Elementary School Computer Lab 

1. Questions and Answers
2. Level II Certified Staff Support Plan
3. Wilson Reading Steps 7-12 online academy 

Here are three examples of live saving differences that Wilson Reading

1. Hardest Working Student
Five years ago a current 10th grade student couldn't register a score
on the NWEA MAP online testing.  We started him in Wilson Reading.  He
continued to score at the 1st percentile rank on NWEA for two years.
During his 8th grade year - Mr. Leonard asked him "how is reading
going?"  The student replied "It is going great Mr.  Leonard.  When I
ride along with my Dad I can now read the signs on the side of the
road."  That student has now spent the past 3 summers during extended
school year services, had double blocks of reading instruction, and
done reading assistant.  He is now doing one period of Wilson Reading
and one period of Read 180 at MASH.  In the Spring 2012 NWEA - he
scored at the 55th percentile.  He is now serving as a role model for
the other student doing Wilson with him. At his IEP meeting last week
- the studetn, parent, and teachers were overcome with emotion on his

2. Proud of Himself
An 8th grade student with a cognitive disability has participated in
Wilson Reading.  Last week he was walking around the middle school and
stopped in the office area.  He had a book with him and read a page
from the book to Mr. Leonard and myself.  The student also stopped in
Mrs. Wieman's class and read a page from his book to a whole class.
This is a student who is so proud of himself for being able to read
that he wants to read to everyone who has 5 minutes to listen to him. 

3. Special Education is Not Forever
Three years ago a student was struggling significantly with his
reading in another school.  After meeting our teacher and learning
about our reading program the parent decided to enroll him at MAES.
The student was provided specially designed instruction and
participated in the Wilson Reading program for 1 hour per day.  He
came in 45 minutes before school started every day during the 11-12
school year to receive Wilson Reading instruction.  He is now
receiving no special education services.  In 3 months I will have his
IEP meeting and the IEP team will be looking at dismissing him from
special education because he has remediated his learning disabilities
and has learned appropriate skills. 
Hope to see you on November 7. 

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