Sunday, November 18, 2012

Parentally Placed Private School Evaluations

There has a been a change in the interpretation guidance of a law involving Parentally Placed Private School Students.  Since IDEA 2004 was passed - school districts which had private schools were responsible for the special education evaluations of any students who were parentally placed there.  There has now been a recent legal interpretation change given.  

For example - A parent resides in the Abbotsford School District and has a child placed at Holy Rosary. They have speech and language concerns and want their child tested. The parents now have 3 options to choose from: 

1. Parents can choose to have the school district (Medford) in which the private school (Holy Rosary) resides do the evaluation.
2. Parents can choose to have the school district of residence (Abbotsford) do the evaluation. 
3. Parent can choose to have both school districts do the evaluation (not recommended)

If you have one of these situations - please contact me for how to proceed.  

Here is the direct Office of Special Education Program (OSEP) interpretation guidance: 

OSEP Question and Answer Document on Servicing Children with Disabilities Placed by 
Their Parents in Private Schools, Revised April 2011
OSEP letter to EIG, January 28, 2009

A parent of a parentally placed private school student may request a special education 
evaluation from the resident school district or the school district where the private school 
is located.  Although OSEP does not encourage this practice; parents may also request the 
two different school districts to evaluate their child at the same time. 

Joseph A. Greget
Director of Student Services/Special Education

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