Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Education Family Day - Movies on Saturday November 10

November 6, 2012

Dear Parents,

In the Medford Area Public School District we have approximately 295 students with an IEP who receive special education services.  We are proud to have your child and their family members as part of our extended special education family.

In the past year our Special Education Advisory Council has worked to help create opportunities for students with an IEP and their families to have time together in fun activities.  We are calling these Special Education Family Days.  We hope that you will join us for our first and ongoing events throughout this school year.  

Special Education Family Day
Movies at Broadway Theatre
“Wreck it Ralph” (any age) and “Skyfall” (13 and over)
Saturday November 10 at 11:00 am
Students with an IEP - Free movie ticket
Family members - $6.00 each
Pop and popcorn - 50% off regular prices

If you have any other ideas for Special Education Family Days, then please contact me.  We will be offering snowshoeing through the Kuse Nature Preserve in February with a date to be determined.

Thank you to the Broadway Theatre, Special Education Advisory Council, and Medford Area Public School District for this opportunity for our students and their families.


Joseph A. Greget
Director of Student Services/Special Education

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