Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New IEP Team Roles at Elementary IEP meetings

New IEP Team Roles at Elementary IEP meetings
With the adoption of the new Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities laws at MAES and SES, there are new IEP team member roles which need to be present at every IEP team meetings. Staff members can hold more than one role at each IEP meeting. 

Here are the new IEP Team roles and descriptions: 

Data Analyst - This will be our school psychologist (Boettcher), but teacher(s) could also be trained to understand this role and responsibilities.

Interventionist - This has to be a licensed staff member - so it could be a Title I teacher (Fliehs, Fechhelm, Wildberg), or dual licensed (regular and special education) teacher (Hemke, Brandner, Schumacher). If an assistant is doing the intervention (Hemmer, Shaw, Duellman), then a cooperating teacher (Title I teacher) needs to be assigned to oversee them.  

Diagnostician - This role will be assigned to the special education teacher (Galli, Schumacher, Daniels, Gomez, Williams, Fettes), but could also be our school psychologist (Boettcher)

What are the responsibilities for these roles: 

Data Analyst
 - "at least one licensed person who is qualified to assess data on individual rate of progress using a psychometrically valid and reliable methodology. Psychometrically valid and reliable methodology relies on all data sources and analyzes progress monitoring data that exhibit adequate statistical accuracy for the purpose of identification of insufficient progress as compared to a national sample of same-age peers."

Interventionist - "at least one licensed person who has implemented scientific, research-based or evidence based, intensive interventions with the referred pupil." 

Diagnostician - "at least one licensed person who is qualified to conduct individual diagnostic evaluations." 

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