Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation - Taylor County

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

DVR Counselor
Our DVR counselor is Gwen Steele. Her email address is: Gwen.Steele@dwd.wisconsin.gov

DVR Online Application Process
Students can now apply online for DVR services. If they do, teachers should send the IEP in to Gwen in Ladysmith, which is her home base. 108 W 2nd St N, 54848.  Gwen has within 60 days to determine eligibility. Once active, DVR has 90 days to complete the IPE. In order to do this, students need to have a vocational goal.  If they struggle with that, Gwen can look at an evaluation by Rhonda Lewan (preferred) or another facility, dependent on the individual's needs.

Here is a link to the online application: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/DVRApply/Presentation/AnonymousApplication/DVRMission.aspx

Student Meetings
Gwen will come as needed to meet with new applicants if they are 18. If not, Gwen will need the parent to meet her there or at her office. A room will need to be reserved for Gwen to use at the high school.  

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