Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letter to Parents of Children with Autism

January 18, 2010

Dear Parents,
I would like to update you on information related to Autism Spectrum Disorder here in the Medford Area Public School District. 

Autism Alert
I am in contact with the Autism Alert organization about doing a training here in Taylor County.  This would include a half day Local Emergency Responder Training for first responders such as police, fire, EMS, and health care professionals.  An additional half day Autism Safety Training for Caregivers will be held on that same date for caregivers such as parents, family, friends, community, social workers, and educators.

We are tentatively looking at a April or May date to be held in the Red and White Theatre.  I will send you the date once it is finalized.  Included is a handout with further information on this type of training.

Autism Training Handouts
Medford has held autism spectrum disorder trainings over the past five years.  Handouts and links to resources are now available online for use and reference.

Autism Directory of Resources  
The Wisconsin Autism Directory of Resources has a listing compiled by the Autism Society of Wisconsin and local chapters in Wisconsin.  Here is the link:

Family Support Program
We have regular consultation and collaboration with Taylor County Human Services.  This keeps us updated on in-home autism therapy, family support, respite care, and other programs.  Included is a Family Support Program brochure which lists services.  Developmental Disabilities Coordinator Amber Fallos has information at 715-748-3332.    

Autism Consultant
We contract with CESA 10 to provide our students and staff with Autism Consultation services.  Jan Vajgrt is our Autism Consultant and she is available for student observations and consultations. 

Social Media
To help better educate and inform our parents, staff, and community members, we are starting to use Social Media.  You are encouraged to “Like Us” on our Facebook page dedicated to Medford Area Public School District Special Education and Student Services, check out my Blog at:, follow me on Twitter: @Joseph_Greget, or click on the Special Education and Students Services link off the school district website:  

Board of Education
In 2010-11, the Board of Education approved the additional hiring of a special education teacher while maintaining existing certified and support staff. This further supports our students with autism and all those with disabilities even in times of challenging budgetary decisions. 

Wisconsin Statewide Autism Training
We have sent multiple certified and support staff to these Wisconsin Statewide Autism Trainings to continue our professional development and skill building in the area of autism.

Apple iPads
We are starting to use Apple iPads in our special education program.  We were able to purchase these through the use of Federal Stimulus Funds.  Here is a link that talks about how children with autism benefit: iPads: Near-Miracles for Kids With Autism

The district maintains a subscription to the Autism Pro website for training and resources.  Parents can have access to this information as well if you are interested.

I hope you will find this information beneficial for your child and family.  If you have further questions, please contact me at your convenience.


Joseph A. Greget
Director of Student Services/Special Education


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