Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Access to Grade Level Materials

DPI has notified us that we are in compliance with our Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment through their official review. 

However, one area of concern by reviewing our IEPs is in the area of Access to Grade Level Materials.  DPI stated that: 

Students with disabilities should have access to the general curriculum and federal non-regulatory guidance states that alternate assessments should be clearly related to grade-level content, although it may be restricted in scope or complexity or take the form of introductory or prerequisite skills (U.S. Department ofEducation, 2005, p. 26).  If we are assessing students using grade-level content, then instruction should also be grade-level.  We understand that for some students the content will need to be scaffolded, modified, adapted and accommodations will need to be provided- however, students should still have access to grade-level content. 
An example is this:

"Johnnie is a 7th grade student who participates in the Wisconsin Alternate Assessment and has a pullout special education Science Class. His Science textbook is at the 3rd grade level." 

DPI is indicating that all of our students should have access to grade level curriculum. It is up to us to use Extended Grade Band Standards or Common Core Essential Elements to modify the grade level curriculum and daily lesson plans when teaching the students. The above example situation is not accepted by DPI.  DPI understands the challenge of this with students who are severely CD or students who have severe autism spectrum.   

Earlier this school year a number of Common Core Essential Elements binders on English/Language Arts and Mathematics were sent to staff.  We should be receiving some more from DPI. If you did not receive one, then please let me know. 

Here are online links to this information for your review and use when curriculum and instructional planning.  We will also be setting up an in-district training in this area: 

Common Core Essential Elements for English/Language Arts and Math: 

Extended Grade Band Standards for Science: 

Let me know if you have any questions, 


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