Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kids in Mental Health Crisis - Links to a Groundbreak Series

Kids in Mental Health Crisis from a series from the USA Today: 
Looking to make sure you're not missing a post in our Kids in Crisis series? Here's a guide to everything we've got.
Kids in Crisis is USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin's groundbreaking series on youth mental health. Wisconsin ranks among the worst states for rates of youth depression, youth suicide, and shortages of care providers. A team of 25 journalists throughout the state have spent months reporting on the topic and we hope you will join us in finding solutions.
Chapter 1: Kids falling through the cracks
In the first chapter of Kids in Crisis, we ask why youth in Wisconsin experience mental health challenges and die by suicide at higher rates than in most other states.
Chapter 2: Exploring solutions
In the second chapter of Kids in Crisis, we find ways to improve youth mental health. We highlight the most successful initiatives in the state and explore how to bring help to more kids and teens.
Before writing the final chapter of Kids in Crisis, we held a series of 10 town hall meetings around the state to hear from experts and residents on what should be done to improve youth mental health. See the coverage and replays of the meetings:
Chapter 3: Action
In the final chapter of Kids in Crisis, we take what we learned from our reporting and town hall meetings, and translate it into action. We enlist experts from around the state to give recommendations, we travel to Minnesota to highlight a model for school-based mental health, and finally we offer our own ideas for action in an editorial.
As part of this chapter, we asked readers to submit their own stories about mental health in their own words. Read the submissions from youth, parents and caregivers:
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