Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wisconsin Forward Exam Accessibility Guide Information

Wisconsin Forward Exam Accessibility Information

1. Wisconsin Forward Exam is replacing the Badger Exam for Grades 3-8 in the 15-16 school year. The testing window is March 28 to May 20. 

2. Available resources include:  
  • Wisconsin Forward Accessibility Graphic Overview
  • The Accessibility Guide
  • Guidelines for Read Aloud
  • Guidelines for Scribes
  • Multiplication Table for Grades 4 and above
3. Here is the website link to the forms and more information:

4. DPI has added an I-7 Forward Exam Sheet to replace the I-7 SBA Sheet.  It will take some time for Skyward to update this change. DPI guidance for adding to an IEP as appropriate is: 
  • We have added the I-7 Forward form to replace the I-7 SBA form.
  • We recognize that many IEP teams have already conducted their annual meetings for the year. The district does not need to reconvene the IEP team for the purpose of completing the I-7 Forward form. Instead, with the agreement of the parent, you may use the I-10-A and I-10-B to update the IEP without a meeting.

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