Saturday, October 10, 2015

Autism Resources

Top 10 Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew:

1. I am a child
2. My senses are out of sync
3. Distinguish between won't (I choose not to) and can't (I am not able to)
4. I am a concrete thinker; I interpret language literally
5. Listen to all the ways I'm trying to communicate
6. Picture this! I'm visually oriented
7. Focus and build on what I can do rather than what I can't do
8. Help me with social interactions
9. Identify what triggers my meltdowns
10. Love me unconditionally

District Autism Resources
Here is a list of our district Autism Related Resources including but not limited to:
  • DPI Archived Resources
  • Addressing Challenging Behaviors
  • Re-thinking Challenging Behaviors (Dr. Glenis Benson)
  • Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism
  • Teaching the Hidden Curriculum
  • PBIS for Students with Autism
  • Power Cards, Comic Strip Conversations, Social Stories
  • Visual Supports
  • Effective Instructional Strategies
  • Autism 101
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments
These resources are through past in-district presentations from Dr. Glenis Benson, CESA Autism Consultant Mandy Reinke, CESA 10 Autism Consultant Jan Vajgrt, DPI links, and more. 

Here is a link to the resources on our school district website:

Upcoming Trainings in 15-16
In the 15-16 school year we are looking forward to presentations/consultations from Dr. Glenis Benson, Dr. Jodi Nuernberger, Autism Consultant Mandy Reinke, Dr. Ronald Hager, Autism Alert Inc's First Responder/Law Enforcement/Caregiver Training on Safety for Autistic Children, DPI Webinars, DPI Statewide Autism Trainings for staff, and more.  More information and details to come. 

Thank You
Thank you to the village for everyone working together to help our students, families, and staff.  

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