Friday, July 27, 2012

Help for Writing IEPs

Help for Writing IEPs
The following information was sent as links and attachments to staff to help in their professional development in writing IEPs for students:
1. A Guide for Writing IEPs

Here is the most recent Department of Public Instruction Guide to Writing IEPs.  I have included it as a direct link at:

This technical assistance guide was updated to provide readers with an overview of how to develop a student's IEP within the framework of the IEP team meeting. This guide does not address evaluation or placement decisions.

The guide begins with an outline of the IEP development process (as completed during an IEP team meeting) and end product (components addressed in the IEP document). Following the outline, there is a summary of each component covered during a typical IEP team meeting. The appendices of the guide include IEP content examples for students of different ages representing a range of disability related needs. The examples illustrate the application of the IEP component summaries and are annotated to provide further guidance for the user. An IEP checklist, references and related resources are also provided.

2. Describing Special Education, Related Services, Supplementary Aids and Services, and Program Modifications and Supports
Here is a DPI Informational Bulletin on how to write and describe special education, related services, supplementary aids and services, and program modifications/supports into the IEP. I have included as a direct link:

3. Transition Components of IEP
I have included three links to information which will help staff stay in compliance with writing transition components of IEPs (required when a student will be at least or turn 14 years of age during an IEP)

Compliance Examples for the Transition Checklist:
Transition Record Review Checklist:
Examples of Coordinated Set of Activities:

4.  IEP Goals and Objectives

Here are excellent resources to use for examples of IEP Goals and Objectives. They can also be found as attachments on our website:

1. 177 page bank of IEP Goals and Objectives in all areas: It is a rather large document so I would not print it off.
2. Students with Autism - Goals with Objectives:
3. Students with Autism - Goals without Objectives:
4. Speech Language -

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