Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Speech and Language and Significant Development Delay Impairment Labels

Speech and Language and Significant Developmental Delay Impairment Labels
From DPI: We have had several requests for clarification regarding the question can young children identified with an SL impairment also be found eligible by an IEP team for the SDD label?

The answer to this is yes....

The SDD label/service is ruled out if the child is identified with another impairment except for speech and language. In 1997 the Wisconsin statutes were amended to so that a preschooler whose primary disability is significant developmental delay (SDD) could also be identified with a speech and language impairment/disability. This has never been changed so it is still in effect and means that it possible for an IEP team to determine SDD and Speech and language impairment together.

We cite this in a document online from a 1997 update, question #2 located at:

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